Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

November 20, 2015

This Week's Highlights

In reading this week, one of the things we worked on was non-fiction text structures. The newest one is problem and solution. The stories we've read this week have been on the topic of the American Revolution and it has been fitting in nicely with what they are studying in social studies.

They have received their assignment for their next book blog. The directions and scoring sheet are the same as the previous assignments and can be found on Google Classroom. I have also posted them on my website HERE .

We are now beginning a study on earthquakes and volcanoes in science. The kids have all the notes they need for their quiz which will be on Friday December 11. Yesterday they explored different types of volcanoes on Discovery Kids and had a blast. (What kid doesn't like to see things explode?--even a cartoon version of a volcano)

There. Their. They're. These three words can be tricky. One goal for the year is that they learn to use these correctly. We introduced them this week, and will finish up next week. There will be a test.

Our next spelling test will be on December 9, with the practice activities due that day as well.

I sent home a paper today about a gift exchange for Christmas. If your child wants to participate in it, you need to sign the paper. No child is required to participate. On the topic of Christmas, there have been papers sent home about the Holiday Shoppe, which is coming up next week. Our class' day to shop is Thursday.

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