The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

by James Miller

The Lightning Thief

Do you like Greek mythology? If so i have a book for you its called The Lightning Thief by Rich Riordan. He wrights books abut Greek mythology and adventures that Percy Jackson the main character in his books. They go through many different adventures. One adventure they go on is when they have to get the master bolt back for zeus.

The main charters in this book are Percy Jackson, Annaebth Chase,and Grover Underwood. Percy Jackson is the son of Posiden he can control any type of water and can breath underwater and talk to fish,sharks,and horses. Annaebeth Chase is the daughter of Athena she is vary wise and smart she is vary good at making plans and battle strategist. Grover Underwood is a satyr he can use nature magic and is on a search for the god pan who disappeared a long time ago. Together they are on a quest to get the master bolt back.

The book starts at a museum Percy is at his 5th school he is just waiting for the trip to be over when his teacher calls him to come to her for something he didn't do when they get in the museum she changes into a harpy and attacks him his history teacher throws him a pen that turns into a sword and he slices the harpy in half. After that he goes to school and finishes his last day of school not knowing if what happened was real or not. Then he goes home and is told by his step dad he is going to be kicked out so his mom takes him to a camp were he can be trained even though he does not know what for they get there and are attacked by a Minotaur which kills his mom and then he kills it and passes out he wakes up in the camp and meats Annaebth so from there he trains at the camp for a while then gets chosen for a quest he takes Annabeth and Grover with him they travel around a lot untill they make it to the underworld were they find out that Percys mom is not dead Hades took her and has her there but wont return her unless Percy gives back his helm of darkness but Percy does not have it so they end up getting out and find out ares had the helm of darkness and tricked Percy this whole time they have a epic battle and someone wins if you want to know the rest you have to read The Lightning Thief.

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Author bio

Rick Riordan

  • He was born June 5, 1964
  • He was born in San Antonio, TX
  • He said that the lord of thee rings inspired him
  • He worked in his schools news paper and won third place for UL featuring writing
  • He has a wife and two sons