Mrs. Esgro's Learning Update

Second Grade, Buffalo Trail Elementary


We are finishing up our study of fact versus opinion this week. Students have a strong grasp of the difference, so this week I will ask them to tell and write reasons that support their thinking. I will be challenging them later in the week to change a fact into an opinion and change an opinion into a fact. As successful citizens, it is important to understand the difference so that we can make positive choices and decisions in our lives.


As authors, we learned about poetry last week. Specifically we studies acrostic poems and then wrote some of our own. Our students will be sharing their poems with each other at the end of the week. I will bring in hot chocolate and we will have a hot chocolate party! Today we will be studying another type of poetry. We will also be working on our Flat Stanley project this week and will send those letters out by the end of the week.


As mathematicians, we are learning about using a variety of strategies on the number line to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are focusing on finding the difference. We are putting these numbers into context so that it makes sense. For example, if your child is 48 inches tall and you are 72 inches tall, how many inches does your child need to grow to be as tall as you? We are using jumps of 10's 5's and 1's to solve this.

Social Studies

We are studying winter holidays around the world. Students will learn the history and meaning behind Hannukah, Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Kwanzaa. On Friday, students will be making a craft that represents each holiday.

Count Down to Winter Break!

It is hard to believe we only have 5 days of school left before our two week Winter Break! We have had a wonderful first half of our school year and I am looking forward to our learning in 2016!