It's Investing Time In America!!!

By: Luis Vargas

Why Should I Invest In America?

Why should you invest in America? The answer is simple because you will make a huge profit. If you invest in the U.S. our water transportation will be greatly advanced and could be used for a lot more things than just transportation. Also wouldn't you like to have something more than just trains to take you around the city? Invest with us and we can make more ways of transportation for the U.S! Are you tired of having boring and useless tools for farming? Then fund us and we can make machines to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Don't you wish there was a way to talk to someone instead of writing letters or going to their home? Then give us some money and we can make those issues, issues of the past! Are you sick and disgusted seeing children do work and lose parts of their bodies everyday? Invest into machines and the children who work will get their happy childhood back and an education. So why should you invest in America? Is it because you'd make a great profit? Yes but more importantly it's to create a powerful and advancing nation.

$$The Things That Make America Rich$$

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