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First Class Service at Canvey Carriage Company

Based in Canvey Island, Essex, Canvey Carriage Company is known for providing first-class service in sales and the automotive service department. The sales department is known for specializing in vehicles that include full service history and are fully hpi clear. Canvey Carriage Company Service department is exceptional and provides maintenance and repair for a variety of makes and models of vehicles.

Canvey Carriage Company - AA warranty supplying dealer

Based in Canvey Island, Essex, Canvey Carriage Company can provide customers with the AA Warranty Program. This program ensures that if the vehicle breaks down, the claim will be processed and the repairs will be made quickly. Canvey Carriage Company prides itself on providing reliable, professional, and reputable service in its sales and service departments. Some of the major components of the car that can be covered under the warranty are the engine, the fuel system, and electrical systems.

The engine encompasses a very large part of the warranty. Canvey Carriage Company’s engine coverage can include the cylinder block, hydraulic lifters, cylinder head gasket, timing gears, oil pump, and pistons.

The fuel system coverage provided by Canvey Carriage Company can include the air flow meter, the idle speed control valve, and the petrol injection pump. In order to have coverage under this warranty, routine maintenance must be performed and the car must have passed the MOT test.

The electrical system coverage can include the ignition coil, the horn, the electronic ignition module, and the fuel tank sender unit. There are some major systems that can be included under the electric system coverage in the warranty. These include the alternator, starter motor, and the voltage regulator.

The service department at Canvey Carriage Company can inspect all of the systems prior to purchasing a new vehicle. Any work that is done by the technicians at Canvey Carriage Company can be covered under the AA Warranty and Canvey Carriages Dealer Care Extended Guarantee. There are several different coverage options that the service department professionals can go over when providing repairs to the car.

Canvey Carriage Company Walks You Through the MOT Test

The experts at Canvey Carriage Company have some advice for car owners whose vehicles were not able to pass the MOT test. Some of the most common reasons that the car will not pass the MOT test are simple to fix during routine maintenance. The service center at Canvey Carriage Company has a few tips on keeping your car well maintained, so it will pass the MOT test on the first try.

Check the fluids. The first thing that is done during the MOT test at Canvey Carriage Company is a fluid check. This includes oil, brake, transmission, and windshield fluids.

Have tires changed regularly. During the final stage of the MOT test, your car will be lifted on a hoist by the professionals at Canvey Carriage Company. During this phase of the exam, the tires will be inspected for wear and tear and to ensure that they have sufficient tread.

Check headlamps and mirrors. This is one of the simplest reasons that cars fail the MOT test. The service center at Canvey Carriage Company is able to check the alignment of headlamps and also the position of mirrors during routine maintenance.

If the vehicle does not pass the MOT test, it is important to have the issues fixed and to retake the test within 21 days for a reduced fee. After the 21 day mark, the full charge for retaking the test will be applied. The experts at Canvey Carriage Company are able to assist with scheduling routine maintenance and a pre-inspection before your MOT test to help catch any problems ahead of time.

Canvey Carriage Company Reminds You to Check Your Engine

What do you do when your check engine light comes on? The automotive experts at Canvey Carriage Company recommend that you bring your car in immediately. There are several reasons that the check engine light could activate. Your oil level could be low, your transmission fluid could be low, or there could be a malfunction with the light.

If your oil level is low, it is vital to have it checked immediately. According to Canvey Carriage Company, running out of oil can cause serious damage to your engine. Oil is needed in the engine to lubricate moving parts. Without this lubrication the steel parts of the engine will rub together causing friction and ultimately destroy the engine.

If your transmission level is low, it will cause it to slip and not shift properly. According to Canvey Carriage Company, this can cause premature wear and serious damage to your transmission. It is essential to determine if you have a transmission leak if you notice that your car is not shifting properly.

Occasionally, light sensors will malfunction causing the check engine light to activate when nothing is actually wrong with the engine. The experts at Canvey Carriage Company will be able to determine if the check engine light is not functioning and will be able to replace it.

Whenever your check engine light comes on, it is necessary to get your car into a service center immediately. Canvey Carriage Company recommends routine maintenance of your car to keep it in top running order and lessening your chance of having the check engine light turn on.

Part Exchange With Canvey Carriage Company

Canvey Carriage Company specialises in selling late-model vehicles with full service history. In addition to selling cars, the company also offers part exchange for customers with existing vehicles. Part exchange is when you trade your older car in for a newer car. This enables the customer to purchase a new car without spending the time trying to sell the old one. The sales team at Canvey Carriage Company will determine the value of your old car and will put that value towards the cost of your new car. There are many benefits to doing a part exchange when purchasing a new car.

One of the main benefits is that the value of your old car can be put towards the deposit on your new car. According to Canvey Carriage Company, this can reduce your monthly finance payments. Because many customers do not have additional money for a down payment, many times the part exchange covers the down payments on the new vehicle.

Selling a car privately can be a hassle. By using Canvey Carriage Company’s part exchange program, the customer is able to bypass all of the hassle of placing an ad for selling the car and having to show the car to strangers.

Canvey Carriage Company’s part exchange program can also decrease your operating expenses when you purchase a new car. If you are currently operating and insuring both cars until you are able to find a buyer for your old car, you could be wasting hundreds of pounds

Why not let the experts at Canvey Carriage Company sell your old car for you and get the value up front to put towards purchasing a new car?

Canvey Carriage Company Supports the Local Community

Canvey Carriage Company is an active supporter of the local youth rugby club. Its employees understand the importance of being involved in supporting the local community and encourage other businesses to be involved as well. Canvey Carriage Company has some tips on how businesses can be involved in supporting the local community.

Find a cause that you believe in. Canvey Carriage Company believes it is important for children to be active and participate in sports. This is why it supports the local youth rugby club and has for the last several years. By assisting with fundraising activities, Canvey Carriage Company is showing the community that it supports youth sports and keeping children out of trouble through physical activity.

Team up with other businesses. You don't have to go alone. Canvey Carriage Company recommends partnering with other local businesses to fund a program that you are both interested in. There are many food banks, youth activities, shelters, and other programs that are always in need of sponsorship and funding.

Get your name out there. While you are out supporting a local charitable cause, it never hurts to advertise a little. According to Canvey Carriage Company, companies sponsoring a local sports team can have the business name prominently displayed on team jerseys. While giving back to the community, you are also helping your business.

Canvey Carriage Company understands the importance of being part of the local community. Not only are you helping those in need you are also helping your business.

Automotive Service at Canvey Carriage Company

The service department at Canvey Carriage Company is capable of maintaining and repairing all makes and models of vehicles. They also offer inspections and testing. Canvey Carriage Company provides routine maintenance including oil changes, tyre inspection, transmission service, and brake service.

Oil change. One of the main services that is offered by Canvey Carriage Company is a routine oil change. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3000 to 7000 miles. Regular oil changes help to keep the engine running smoothly.

Tyre inspection. According to Canvey Carriage Company, tyres should be inspected every 3000 to 7000 miles when the car is brought in for routine oil change. Any signs of wear on the trends should be noted. Canvey Carriage Company Recommends replacing tyres when the tread gets too low to provide adequate traction. Every car will have different replacement needs as driving patterns differ.

Transmission service. Canvey Carriage Company recommends inspecting the transmission fluid level every 3000 to 7000 miles when the car is brought in for an oil change. Routine maintenance of the transmission will extend the life of your vehicle. If the gears begin to slip, be sure to bring the car in to have the transmission checked immediately.

Brake service. Brake pads should be checked reguarly according to Canvey Carriage Company. When brake pads become too worn, it is important to have them replaced immediately.

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good running order. Canvey Carriage Company recommends a thorough inspection of all engine, transmission, and brake components on a regular basis.