Daintree Adventure

By Tiana xin

Meet a explorer who had just came back from the Daintree rainforest!!!!!!!!

John Flinders a Daintree explorer, is famous for all the adventures through the harsh environments. Today he has allowed me to ask some questions.

How was your experience in Daintree?

John:I had a really good time and i saw many different species of living life.I loved going near the animals and touching them. I also spent 5 weeks in a small tent.My body aches but it was really worth it.I made a crocodile angry and it started to chase me and i ran 4 whole kilometres for the keeper to catch it and put it back in his enclosure.I was out of breath!

What type of wildlife did you see in the Daintree?

I saw many trees and animals that could only be found in the Daintree.Such as The Giant Cassorary.I spent ages sitting by the stream and watching the cassorary drinking i was mesmerised as it my dream to get close to these special animals.I loved everything i saw and i was intersted with everything i saw.

How did you become a Daintree explorer?

Well as a child i was always intersted with wildlife.I would spend hours after school with my wonderful teacher and collect plants to study.I still remember these experaince.As I grew older i stuided rainforest in university and i then decided to be a Dintree rainforest explorer.I love my job and i would not be thinking of retiering anytime soon.

Did you see any unqiue animals?

Yes i saw many unique animals such as the the Cassowary, Peppermint insect and many others.They all looked different and all had different features. I was the perfect place to look at animals as they let the animals roam around instead up in normal zoo

Was it fun?

Yes out of all of the adventures i have done this is the has got to be the most exciting.I loved all the natural environment .I was a good chance to escape from all of the hustle and bustle in the city and actually go to a heritage listed landform


John:Sorry this is all i have time for.I have enjoyed talking to you day and hope to go on other adventures in more wonderful places

Tiana:Thank u for your time john and i hope to have u in the show some other day