McAllister Minutes

Week of: May 14 - May 18

McAllister Minutes

The last full week of the 2017-2018 school year is upon us! It seems like just yesterday that we all loaded the Big Yellow Cheese and were headed to convocation in preparation for this INCREDIBLE year! Your input this year has most certainly created valued-added output; our students are achieving INCREDIBLE things because of ALL the work you have poured into this school year. Let's be sure to continue to give our best as we round out the #BESTYEARYET!

With an intentional focus of consistency on being curious & crazy for kids you will ALWAYS find a culture that is student focused!

Have a great week!

Upcoming Events:

  • May 16 - Kona Ice - (Info. to be sent home Monday)
  • May 16 - Senior Walk
  • May 17 - Curriculum Review - Curriculum Review Consultants on Campus
  • May 18 - Economics Day/Grades Due - Specials will run after Economics Day is over.
  • May 18 - McAllister Has Talent (3rd Annual)
  • May 19 - RHHS Graduation - Civic Center
  • May 21 - District Field Day - Lunch in Class, typical specials/resource schedule!
  • May 23 - Last Day of School - Report Cards & MAP Reports to be sent home.
  • May 24 - The Great Move of MES - See Image Below
  • May 24 - Joy Crowley's Retirement Breakfast - 7:30 AM - MES
  • May 25 - The Great Move of MES cont....
  • May 25 - EOY Celebration
  • May 25 - Checklists Due - Last Day Of Teacher Schedule

Sign Off times for EOY Checklists:

May 24th - (1-3pm)

May 25th - (8-10am)

*Anyone is charge of signing off will be available during the times listed above in there office/work space. This will allow for more efficiency in ensuring we are available to you at these specified times.

Have an INCREDIBLE Week!

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Summative Feedback Survey (Administration)

Please click the link below to share feedback regarding the 17-18 school year. The answers are anonymous an allow for additional explanation should you feel the need to share. If you feel that we rank a 1 or 2 in any area - please give specific written feedback on how you feel we can improve moving forward. Your thoughts are essential as we begin to plan for the 18-19 School Year. This is a great practice not only for us as administrators but for ALL reflective educators and could be duplicated in a sense with the stakeholders in which you serve: Click Here to provide feedback!

The Major McAllister Move of 2018

Please use the chart below to schedule your moves as we end out the school year. This timeline is flexible if a phase finishes prior to the estimated time slotted. Ms. Lane will distribute boxes to teachers that are making moves within the building for the 18-19 school year, be sure to stop by and see her. Please keep in mind that rooms should not be packed prior to the end-of-year parties!
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Happy Birthday to You!

  • 5/15 - Heather Vandaveer
  • 5/18 - Nicole Shavers
  • 5/24 - Jessica Howell
  • 5/27 - Sheila Hicks
  • 5/28 - Vikki Gilkey
  • 5/31 - Bethany Poole

Making Moves at McAllister

  • A very special THANK YOU to Ms. Mock, Ms. Huntoon, Ms. Taylor & Ms. Woods as they spent their Mother's Day weekend with their school children to ensure that had the most enlightening opportunity for success at the State Science Olympiad in Kennesaw, GA.
  • Ms. Barry is a SUPER communicator, Thank You for making it happen in the most positive of ways!
  • Ms. Wilson jumped into a new role this year and has shown that she is ALWAYS committed to Excellence & Success - Thank you for taking this year by the horns and making BIG things happen!
  • Ms. Flynn wears many hats these days! She's working hard to satisfy the needs of ALL her students in the classroom while also cross-training as she dives into her new role as the School Information Specialist/Data Clerk/Data Guru!
  • Call her the Energizer Bunny - Ms. Derr is always hands-on with students and making INCREDIBLE things happen!
  • Ms. McPhillips is making year 3 as an educator look like a piece of cake. Her positive approach to working with students of all backgrounds makes for an INCREDIBLE opportunity!

Resources that you may find useful...

Twitter Chats - Can't Get Enough? Check here for ALL opportunities to connect with PLN's worldwide discussing ALL things awesome in Education.

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McAllister Staff Guide

In a school of over 120 it can be hard to know everyone's name...Have you had a chance to look at the staff directory where pictures of our staff members can be located?

Pineapple Chart

Click here & start welcoming others into your class to see the amazing things you are doing!

Have you checked this # Lately....#MESrocks

Click this link to see all of the awesome things our teachers have posted on twitter this week. Always remember to use the #MESrocks when posting to keep these items united!