Government assessment


Which government is the best

I think the best government is democracy

  • One reason i think it's the best because there is not one person saying they are the best then the others like in a monarchy where there are either 2 rulers a king and queen or a king by himself
  • Another one is that people have free choice of voting for their leaders
  • Also the government gets chosen by the people
  • And consider all of people's POV (point of view)
  • everyone gets a voice/opinion
  • Have a choice of your path in life in democracy (choose your job)
  • Tolerance, respect, a willingness to learn from one another - these are the values on which democratic nations need
  • democracy can also solve problems without fighting in a war or things of that nature they can solve it in peace
  • Also in democracy you own your own things but unlike communism they take everything and give everyone the same thing but its not your's either they own it
  • Democracy is better than monarchy because its not only a one family rotation