Mrs. Hunt's Classroom News

Blythe Elementary 5th Grade

What are we learning? 2/29- 3/4

Literacy- We are focusing on point of view. Point of view can mean two different things- Point of view could be first person and third person but could also be a perspective of somebody else telling the same story. We are looking at different accounts of the same event and comparing and contrasting how they are written and what information is the same or different.

We are also writing fractured fairy tales as an extension of point of view. Students are taking an everyday fairy tale and mixing it up by either making some changes or using a different point of view (Ex: Cinderella told from the step sisters perspective instead of a narrators perspective)

Math- We are continuing our decimal study. This week our focus is on adding and subtracting decimals. We will also be doing a fraction review each week at least one day.

Science- We are continuing our study of forces and motion. This week we are moving on to learn about Newton's second and third laws of motion.

Social Studies- We are still integrating social studies into our reading block. We are still comparing and contrasting time periods.


Please continue to practice skills at home. Students should be reading every night for at least 30 minutes. Students can also use Compass Learning and Raz kids to help .

DreamBox is also a good resource for Math help!

With EOG's quickly approaching please begin reviewing concepts at home. It is very easy to throw in bits and pieces of math, reading comprehension and science.

Example: We need to double this recipe tonight for dinner. How much of the ingredients would we need? (This is adding fractions)

What type of clouds are in the sky right now? How do you know?

What is the main idea of the text you are reading? How does the author tell you that this is what the story is mainly about?


Please remember that tomorrow is an early release day for students.

I am available for conferences most any morning and most any afternoon. You can also come and meet with me during my planning time which is from 8:10-8:50 each morning. Please email me to schedule a third quarter conference. I would love to meet with every parent to discuss goals for finishing the year strong!!

If you have not turned in the yellow slip for our March 11th field trip please do so asap. We will be going to the Belk Theater.

SCIENCE FAIR is coming up in March. If you have not begun helping your child decide on an experiment please do so. If your child needs help thinking of a topic we can help them at school. If you need your child to actually do the experiment at school (within reasonable parameters) we can also make this happen during our recess or study hall time. I want each child to feel success in this wonderful venture.


Each student should be reading for 30 minutes each night. This is crucial for vocabulary building and comprehension.

Math will come home if a student does not finish in class. Some days I will assign a workbook page in addition to classwork.

Science Fair- Please remember that our science fair is coming up. Please help your student finish their project in time.

Reading- We are making a class book. Please encourage your student to work on this page at home. Students are writing a fairy tale and must have an illustration to go with it. As we are closer to the publishing phase please help your child spell check their story as well as checking for grammar and if the story makes sense.

If you would like to purchase our class book the paper is coming home today. Even if you do not want to purchase I need this paper back to be able to publish our book for the class. If you do not want to purchase please check the no box at the bottom. If you do want to purchase please return this form no later than Wednesday March 9th.