Bronco Bulletin


April 29, 2016


End of Year Items

Full end-of-year checklist will come out next Wednesday. For now, here are a few reminders.

- Only items with students' grades or sensitive information need be shredded. Most items in your classrooms can simply be recycled. Shredding costs are very high, so we want to only shred what we need to! For the items that should be shredded, be sure there are NO staples, paper clips, or folders. This is very important!!!! Tina and Jan will have a plan to collect a large amount of recycling closer to the end of May. More info coming. Remember, shred sensitive info only! All else, recycle!

- NO professional learning books should go in the trash. All staff should keep all professional learning books purchased by the school. We will be referring all the way back to Debbie Miller and Stephanie Harvey next year. Please be sure you have those items. (If you are new, I've given them to most of you. If you need those, please see me or Tiffany P and we will make sure you have a copy.)

- The map will be sent next week. I am currently talking to anyone who is impacted. (There are very, very few moves!)

- Textbook inventory schedule will be coming out soon.

- Pay close attention to grade deadlines (in BB last week and will run again).

Carrie Clancy has been offered a teaching position at Knight Elementary! We won't hold it against her that she will be a Panther now! Good luck, Carrie!

Classroom Supply Order (through Gretchen)- Some teachers are mistakenly under the impression that if we don't use this money, we "lose it." This is not true! Any monies left over after teachers order what they need is rolled back in to our general fund (which I use for staff shirts, food, supplies, books, etc all year long). Please only order what you need. Don't feel like you should "just order something because I have money to spend." For example, don't order things we already provide for you (copy paper, paperclips, etc). If you need something, please order. If you really don't need it, please allow the money to be rolled back in to our account. Thanks for helping spend smart!

Book Room Books

Many students owe money for book room books. Please be sure you have sent the appropriate letters AND made several attempts to call parents. The phone call is required. We cannot hold the report card for these items, so we just have to try hard to get the money back. There is going to be a percentage that is lost and unpaid each year, but we need that percentage to be as small as possible and the only one that can help us with that is you! Thanks!

AttenDANCE Celebration

Our 2nd semester perfect attendance dance party will be on the last day of school in the gym. Please send students who had perfect attendance for the entire second semester to the gym at the times listed below.

8:35-9:00 2nd Grade

9:05-9:25 3rd/4th Grades

9:30-9:55 5th Grades

10:00-10:25 K/1st Grades

*K-2 classes scheduled for PE that day will have PE outside with Cheree. 3rd-5th grade classes that have PE that day will be in the gym for specials as normal.

*This will not interfere with the 5th grade picnic celebration that begins on the playground at 10:30.

*All teachers and support staff available any time between 8:35-10:25 need to meet me in the gym to help cover the party. Thanks!

Specials Changes-

Next year, we will have a few changes to our specials classes. Each grade level, based on number of teachers and availability of staff, will look a little different. See below for the description at each grade level.


K- 6 teachers, no split

Tech Jr (Beth)






1st- 6 teachers, 1 split






2nd- 6 teachers, 1 split

Tech Jr- Beth





3rd- Beth, 7 teachers, 1 split

Keyboarding (we will come up with a cute name)- Beth






4th- Jennifer/ Sharon, Beth, 8 teachers, 1 split

Keyboarding- Beth


Technology- Jennifer/Sharon





5th- Jennifer/Sharon, Beth, 7 teachers, no split

College and Careers- Beth


Technology- Jennifer/Sharon





Upcoming Building Weekend Hours

Saturday, May 21st 9am-3pm

Sunday, May 22nd noon-4pm

STEAM Expectations K-5

Teachers in grade K-5 will continue to implement the following (just like this year):

1 project-based and 1 problem-based unit per semester

Milestones Practice from UGA

These practice tests may be recycled. You do not need to shred them nor store them. Please do not send them home.

Coaching Endorsement

Congratulations to Leigh Blakely! Leigh is a member of the 2016-2017 Coaching Endorsement cohort with GCPS!

Silent Transitions

Lower grade classes are doing a GREAT job with silent transition. Please let all students know (K-5) that I am really looking for ALL students to be silent in the hallway. I am personally giving out my Bronco Bucks for this very thing. Let the kids know. :) This includes grades 3-5 that are waiting for the restrooms in the hallway. Thanks!


Your recycling will be picked up on Mondays and Tuesdays for the rest of the year. If you need an additional pick up, email Jan or Tina and they will take care of you. Start cleaning out now so that the kids can carry the load over the next few weeks! Thanks!

GCPS Retirement Announcements that are not forwarded out go directly in to this database below. To access retirement notices/announcements, please use the following directions:

1. Log into the GCPS Portal.

2. Click on Collaboration and scroll to Communities.

3. In the Search bar, type in "Retirement".

This will access the Retirement Community.

4. Click on Retirement Community.

Click on View All to see all of the notices/announcements.

5. Click on the file to open.


It is important that you check the SPG and DDA tabs for schedules, dates, locations, and proctor information in OneNote. All directions are there for all certified staff in grades 1st-5th and several parapros. Student rosters will be placed in your boxes next week. Please let me know if you have any questions at any time for clarity. Each grade level is different. I've listed the break down for each level below. Reading and Math assessments will be online unless there are read aloud accommodations for specific students. Science and Social Studies will be scored using the document camera for grades 3, 4, 5. Again, let me know if you have any questions.

PK, GAA grades and Kindergarten Rubrics--halos--return to my office for scoring

1st, 2nd, 3rd--Math SPG

3rd--Science and Social Studies DDA--return used copies to Beth and scored halos from your document camera

4th--Music, Art, PE SPG, and Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies DDA

5th--Reading, Math, Science, Science, Social Studies DDA

DDA scores are entered into grade book upon completion


Congrats to these classes who had perfect attendance during Milestones testing EACH DAY:










Please take a few minutes to look at Mystery Science ( )

Every lesson begins with a Mystery that hooks your students. An unforgettable story is told with stunning images and videos and punctuated with opportunities for discussion. Every lesson concludes with simple hands-on activities designed to use supplies you already have (or are easy to get). Jan has tried out a few and she loves them. The students were very engaged! Jewel also tried a lesson, so feel free to ask her about it! The subscription is "on sale" until June. If enough teachers would like to use it, we can purchase rights for the school. Visit the website for more information or even try out a lesson. You can sign up for free and use the rest of the school year. Please send any feedback to Jan.


May 2-6...........Teacher Appreciation Week

mAY 2..............Vietnamese Family Support Group

May 2...............Running Club

May 3...............Tech IF

May 3...............5th Grade Transition Meeting - Jean Payne Room

May 3...............Sparkles Skate Night

May 4...............VALIC Rep Here - Conference Room

May 4...............5th Grade Transition Meetings - Jean Payne Room

May 5...............Kindergarten Registration

May 6...............Last Day to Check Out Books

May 6...............Career Day

May 6...............Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 8...............Mother's Day

May 9...............Carmen Deedy Author Visit - 3-5

May 9...............Running Club

May 10.............Math IF

May 10.............Reading Celebration K-2 8:30-9:10

May 10............ Reading Celebration 3-5 9:30-10:10

May 10.............Retirement Celebration - Cafeteria

May 11-13.......BOGO Book Fair

May 12.............Literacy IF

May 12.............Kindergarten Roundup 6:00

May 13.............All Books Due to Media Center

May 13.............Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

May 13.............Relay for Life


Congratulations to Avery Owen! This is Avery's first year as a paraprofessional in Sandra Bratescu's classroom for students in the Severe-Profound Intellectually Disabled program. Avery is an active part of the SID-PID team and works with both the staff and the students with competence, caring and commitment. She interacts daily with children who have challenges as well as charm. We are so lucky that she is part of the Gwin Oaks family and hope that she remains in the field of education for many years to come. She has so much to offer!

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eClass Status


Teachers - please fill out this short survey to assist me in planning your technology needs.

Big image
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Labs and Student Laptops

The lab/cart schedule has been updated with the current DDA and SPG testing schedule.

I am HOPING to have as many classroom computers back in your rooms by Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience and understand during this busy online-testing schedule.

End of the Year Equipment Return

Please KEEP your bag that your laptops are in so that you can turn all student laptops in them at the end of May.

Please be on the look out for any extra laptop chargers. Look at home, in your laptop bag, and cabinets. Please turn in ANY extra cables you find around your room. You are responsible for turning in all items or you will need to replace them.

NO Student BYOD the last week of school.

Classroom Supply Order

Each year teachers are given an allotted amount of school funds to purchase supplies for the upcoming school year. These supplies must be purchased through county approved vendors (eProcurement catalog or Office Dimensions catalog). Now is the time to take inventory of what you already have and ONLY order what you still need for your new classroom. Please read over the directions and funding amounts for your 16-17 Classroom.

Teachers please make individual supply lists to assist you in dispersing once the supply order arrives. Do NOT include items that are already provided in the vault that Gretchen orders on a regular basis, ex. sticky notes, pens, etc.

Grade levels 1-5: Please submit ONE order for the entire grade level.

ONLY Kindergarten and Special ED should submit individual orders to Gretchen.

In order for supplies to be ordered accurately please follow this example for submitting your order: If every teacher orders a box of crayons then the order needs to state that the grade level needs 7 boxes of crayons, not 7 individual orders for boxes of crayons.

1- Log onto the portal

2-Click onto Tools

3-Then select eProcurement Catalog

4- Select supplies

5- Press Submit

If supplies requesting are not available in the eProcurement Catalog you may order from Office Dimension (see Gretchen for catalog)

Please keep in mind:

-This is a max, not a required spending!

-Please ONLY buy what you don't already have.

-Do not order regular office supplies that are maintained in the Vault (where the paper is stored)

Non-Classroom Teachers -$25

1-5 -$60

Kindergarten $100

Special Ed -As per grade level

Specific Questions about funds -please see Gretchen

* Resource teachers order with your regular Ed class. IF you need something for your small group let Gretchen know.

All orders use the same link -

Orders are due by May 20th.

Finally IF you don’t fall in one of these categories PLEASE email Gretchen!


Grades are due Sunday, May 15th, at 11pm

Terri will print verification sheets Monday, May 16th

Verification sheets are due to Tonya on Wednesday, May 18, by 4pm

Awards Day letters go home Thursday , May 19th

Awards Day is May 23 & 24

Report Cards go home May 25th

Handouts are available in Everything GOES in the C&I.

Also be aware that the parent portal switched over, too. Therefore, no grades are posted in the parent portal after May 25th. Only in student course history.


In an effort to provide you with tools to better prepare to meet your financial and retirement goals, a financial advisor from VALIC will be onsite to address any questions you may have regarding:

  • Planning, budgeting and meeting your savings goals

  • Managing your investments

  • Calculating contributions to meet your retirement needs

If you have never met with a VALIC advisor, here is your opportunity to get acquainted and get help planning for a more secure financial future.

Wednesday, May 4th

9:00am - 4:00pm

Conference Room

Ashley Welesko

Financial Advisor


Click here to schedule an appointment with your VALIC Financial Advisor on May 4th


Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) offers a discounted Long Term Care Insurance program from Whelpley & Associates. This program is available to all GCPS employees and their families.

Considering the high cost for long term care, this program is designed to help protect you and your family (spouse, parents and grandparents). The program offers care should you need assistance at home or in an assisted living or nursing home facility.

To request information on this program click below or call 1-888-305-4582.


Come see the season finale of Northeast Atlanta Ballet's Beauty and the Beast. The dates are Friday, May 20 @ 7:30 p.m. and Sunday May 22nd @ 3:00 at the Gwinnett Infinite Performing Arts Center. The shows are family friendly and filled with talented girls from our school and cluster. See these dance moms for tickets:

Leigh Blakely

Tiffany Taylor


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