Fishing in a Perch

Perch Dissection Pre-Ap Biology April 9, 2014- VU


Students will learn the internal and external anatomy of a perch. They will focus on the organs, structures, and functions of its endocrine system.

Perca flavescens

The perch, also known as Perca flavescens, belongs to the kingdom Animalia and Phylum Chordata. It is a vertebrate and has paired pectoral and pelvic fins. Perch are carnivorous fish that feed on smaller fish, insect larvae, and shellfish. They are most commonly found in small ponds, lakes, and rivers. Their predators include larger fish and birds. Fishermen use them as gamefish and for public aquariums.

Swimming into it's Circulatory System

A perch has a closed circulatory system that contains a two-chambered heart that has one atrium and one ventricle. De-oxygenated blood is pumped through the heart to the gills. It is then oxygenated and sent back through the body of the fish.

Dive in!

Perch Dissection