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May 2019

In this edition:

  • Student Programs: State History Day Competition
  • Student Programs: YMCA Youth & Government State Assembly
  • Curriculum & Instruction: Middle School Financial Literacy
  • Curriculum & Instruction: High School Final Exams
  • Professional Development: Middle School Content Experts
  • Professional Development: Reimagine Me Summer Conference
  • External Professional Development: World War I Workshop


Student Programs

State History Day Competition

Whetstone High School 9th graders continued the school's tradition of excellence in the State History Day competition on April 27 at Ohio Wesleyan University.

The following students were eligible for the state competition based on their presentations at the Region 6 competition:

  • Joseph Didi, Beaux Baldwin, and Rafa Arebelo - Senior Group Performance - Mozart;
  • Isaac Orante and Isaac Fleece - Senior Group Exhibit - Race to the South Pole;
  • Mataya Stokes and Ellen Edwards - Senior Group Exhibit - Loving vs. Virginia;
  • Nezzie O'Malley and Olivia Everett - Senior Group Documentary - Delano Grape Strike;
  • Alysia Swinehart - Senior Individual Exhibit - Elizabeth Key Grinstead;
  • Caelum Vo - Senior Individual Exhibit - Coco Chanel: Revolution de la Mode;
  • Carter Seipel - Senior Individual Website - Julius Caesar;
  • Lillian Keener - Senior Individual Website - Amelia Earhart; and
  • Maddy Weaver - Senior Individual Website - Salem Witch Trials

Nezzie O'Malley and Olivia Everett became National Qualifiers by taking second place in the Senior Group Documentary category. They will compete at the National History Day contest at the University of Maryland, June 9-13. Ellen Edwards and Mataya Stokes became National Alternates, finishing in third place in the Group Exhibit category.

Congratulations to all participating students and their Humanities teachers, Kathy Arnold and Krista Buckley.

Ohio History Day is not just a day, it's an experience! Students learn history by doing history. Students conduct historical research that leads to imaginative exhibits, documentaries, original performances, websites, and scholarly papers.


YMCA Youth & Government State Assembly

Under the guidance of American Government teacher Jennifer LaPlace, students from Centennial High School participated in the Ohio Youth & Government state assembly at the Ohio Statehouse, April 11-13. Jacob Barnes, Turner Wolfenberger, Tyler Moorefield, Evan Teeters, Ikera Ike, and Justin Ly served in this year's state government. These students were successful in passing all of their proposed bills. The constitutionally of one law was successfully defended in the judiciary.

Sponsored by the YMCA, Youth & Government enhances development of the American democratic process for young people through participatory training in the theory and practice of the Ohio state government. Students learn about the legislative process, how to write and research bills, and how to participate in elections. Their work culminates in serving as delegates at their state conference, debating bills on the floor of the legislature.


Curriculum & Instruction

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Middle School Financial Literacy Standards for 2019-2020

As detailed in the March edition of the Social Studies Scoop, middle grades social studies will transition to the 2018 revision of Ohio's Learning Standards next year.

Although the standards changes are minor, one noteworthy change is that standards in Financial Literacy are now contained in a separate standards document. In accordance with state law and Board policy, CCS will continue to teach financial literacy in middle grades social studies classes. In the new Financial Literacy standards, content statements are only assigned by grade band (6-8); not tied to a specific grade level.

After discussion with the Middle School Content Experts group, we have created a draft placement of the financial literacy content statements into each grade level. Please review this draft in the Google form here, and provide comments regarding the alignment.

To see the vertical alignment of financial literacy standards across K-12, view the document linked here. Note that many of the middle grades statements are repeated at the high school level. While these standards will be introduced at the middle school level, full mastery all standards would not be expected until high school.


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High School Final Exams

Per BOE Policy:

All courses granting 1.0 high school credit or more, will administer a final exam. A final exam schedule will be published by the District and according to Ohio’s student attendance requirements, exams will not be administered earlier than the scheduled dates. Seniors with an "A" average in a course may be exempted from a final exam, unless otherwise prohibited by State law.

2019 Final Exams

There are three options that teachers can choose from for administering a Final Exam:

  1. Teachers may create their own exam.
  2. Teachers may use the End-of-Course Exam created by the District in pencil/paper format. Principals will check with teachers to determine the number of copies needed, and order these exams from the print shop at no cost to the school.
  3. Teachers may modify the End-of-Course Exam created by the District, and print their own exams. Editable MS Word versions have been emailed to high school teachers.

Note: With the discontinuation of CiMS at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, online exams are no longer available. Although students would need to take the district exam in paper/pencil format, teachers could set-up a Google Form in quiz mode with A-D blank answer choices and have students key in their answers to be auto-scored.


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Middle School Content Experts PD 2019

The Middle School Content Experts have held four PD meetings this year. Designed to help refine teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge, this year's program is focused on disciplinary thinking skills within the C3 Framework.

In session 1, we began by sharing about our formative experiences as social studies students. Teachers shared stories about classes that inspired them and shaped their thinking about social studies education.

Session 2 focused on strategies to meet disciplinary thinking skills for History. Teachers used the Diamond Nine strategy to analyze causes of the Civil War and the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Solving Economic Mysteries was the focus of Session 3. Participants used the principles of the Handy Dandy Guide and Fifty Nifty Econ Cards to explain everyday economic situations at the historic Southland Mall Loews Theater.

In session 4, teachers examined the standards in Civics and discussed strategies for civic online reasoning and digital citizenship.

The final session on May 7 will focus on Geoliteracy. Teachers will also have the opportunity to write a reflective blog post about disciplinary thinking in social studies.

All meetings are 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Southland Center, 3700 S. High Street.


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Reimagine Me Summer Conference

The CCS Academic Services Department will be hosting a summer PD conference, Reimagine Me, June 3-4, 2019 at the Convention Center. The focus will be on creating student-centered schools and classrooms. There will be general and content specific sessions. See your building principal if you would like to be included in the team of 10 from each school to attend the conference.


External Professional Development

World War I 360: Teach Like an Ace Workshop

An interactive and interdisciplinary teacher workshop on World War I in 360 minutes

Presented by the National WWI Museum and Memorial in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Ohio History Connection

Monday, June 10, 2019

9am - 4pm

The Ohio History Center

800 East 17th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43211


Matthew I. Doran

Secondary Social Studies Specialist

Office of Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Division

Southland Center

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