Safety Data Sheet


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Atomic mass: 42.18 Kg

Symbol: MS

Discovered by: Mr. and Mrs. Saleem and their gynecologist

Occurrence: highly concentrated on making good grades, watching Netflix and shopping. Low quantities in Math because the room is too distracting to focus.

Physical properties

Surface properties: very Dark brown/black hair with Dark brown eyes that look black.

Boils when people are dishonest and very ignorant.

Melts when people treat others with kindness and show them they matter.

Can cause destruction if they are not pleased.

Sad when people tell them they can't go somewhere.

Happy when they receive gratitude and appreciation.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when they are told that they are unable to accomplish certain things in life.

Chemical Properties

Repelled by People who smoke and think its cool

Is attracted to people who know what they are doing with their life as well as having a plan.

May explode spontaneously when they are needed to repeat something over and over again.

Requires copious amounts coffee and love.

Is inert if found sleeping

Is impervious people who think what best for you.