Building a culture of inclusion

through eTwinning (Best practice by Ivana and Aleksandra)

OŠ "Svetislav Golubović Mitraljeta" (Batajnica, Serbia)

Inclusive education

All students learn differently. This is a principal of inclusive education. One key teaching strategy is to break students into small groups. By using small groups, teaching can be tailored to the way each student learns best. This is known as differentiated instruction.

But, sometimes it isn't enough! Sometimes it takes time, patience, a lot of effort and work to create an environment that suits everyone. Our school is on that road. We are far from the goal, but every year we make a breakthrough on that road. How?

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How we do this?

Do environments affect quality of life? Yes, think a huge number of my colleagues. What environmental characteristics should we arrange? Education environments should be rich, stimulating, colorful, varied and challenging. Our students should have good communication models, they should stimulate maximum engagement and facilitate the development of a wide array of social relationships. These characteristics can be produced only in a inclusion school. Long time ago we have decided to collaborate with other school to promote different culture, languages and share knowledge, ideas and learn together. We tray to do this for our students through eTwinning and different extracurricular activities.

Exhibitions, socializing in the library, greening the school yard

Extracurricular activities

I encourage other teachers to look at things from different angles and participate in many activities that are not in the subject of subject matter, because in this way we send students a message about different interests, learning opportunities and satisfying personal affinities and developing the skills and potentials of each person.


Students learned about education in Serbia through music, children's games and clothes from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

Happy EDL!

It was my second eTwinning project and after that nothing in our school wasn't the same!

My students and I wanted more. We opened the new door to the world of new opportunities not only for ourselves, but for all other colleagues and students.We already had an exhibition of posters and dishes of other countries and people of Europe.

A year later a festival with songs in different languages

European Day o Languages

We foster our students to learn about other European languages and cultures.

We hired the pensioner's choir

"Do not forget us" was the school performance for memorized a 100 years from WWI. We wanted to connect the older generation with our students in this way.

Milica Dabović, proffesional basketball player

Our students have made an interview with Milica. (eTwinning project "Tne Newsroom")
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Interactive European Pathway

eTwinning project between 32 countries havev included and linked Geography, English and Mothertongue Languages, ICT. Poster exibitions in each school have been reached to be multimedial with QR Code and new technology.

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Breaking news

You can learn about Tesla on a creative way and at the same time connect language, history and physics. (It's a gift for our students from another eTwinning project.)

eTwinning project "Discovering Electricity: Nikola Tesla"

Last year we have made a big step. We have hosted 22 students and 3 teachers from our partner school from France. They have stayed at the families from our students and teachers for 7 days. We have promoted on this way how important to meet different culture, collaborative learning, share knowledge, ideas and experiences among students and teachers.

Maths workshop

"The color of your eyes and mathematics"

School Choir
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