The daily Heat

Get your fans, the heat is coming (cont.)

Depend on us to independently tell you all of the news about the heat.

Now, our next relation is.......that the amount of methane in the air depends on the amount of power plants worldwide. As you might have guessed by now, the more power plants, the more methane. not only that, but research done has showed that, since 1970, the methane concentration in the atmosphere has gone up by exactly 1 PBB for every power plant built since that time.

Finally, we have come to our last correlation we have to share with you. The temperature of the earth depends on how close the sun is to the earth. I agree with this and say this is right, because to me it seems pretty obvious that as the sun get closer, its rays get stronger, making it hotter. That's all we have on this paper on the daily heat! come back tomorrow for more on the daily heat!

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-George Kolev

Editor n'chief