Amur Leopard

Endangered Species

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) are critically endangered species. There are only about 20-30 left in the wild. These animals are hunted for their luxurious skins.

Original Habitat

The Amur Leopard's original habitat is in the temperate forests of Amur- Heilong which covers northeastern China, southeastern Russia, and the Korean Peninsula. The animals get water from the Amur- Heilong River.

Average temperature: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Low temperature: -30 degrees Fahrenheit

New Habitat

The Amur Leopards new habitat is in the Himalayan Mountains. It will effect the new habitat because the Snow Leopard won't be at the top predator. The Snow Leopards will have to compete with the Amur Leopards for food. Also the increase of predators will decrease the number of prey. The animals get water from the melted snow on the mountains.

Average temperature: 30 degrees Fahrenheit

Low temperature: -22 degrees Fahrenheit


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Physical Adaptation

Long fur helps the Amur Leopard stay warm in the cold environment. Also dagger sharp claws are there to help the Amur Leopard hunt for prey.

Behavioral Adaptation

Amur Leopards are really protective parents, that's good because that helps the next generation of Amur Leopards to grow up safely. Amur Leopards have very good eye sight which helps them see at night when hunting.

Food Web

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Energy Pyramid

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