Computer Components

Hard Drive (HDD)

A hard drive is a computers main storage device that stores all data on it. It has one or more hard drive platters inside it, these are inside of an air sealed casing. Most computers have their hard drives in the internal drive bay at the front of the computer. Data received is read and scanned by the disk controller, this helps the hard drive by telling it what to do and how to move the things inside.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

A SSD is a device that uses non-volatile memory to store all its data. An SSD has no moving parts, this gives it many advantages such as: Speed of accessing data and more reliability and using less power. An Solid State drive may also be referred to as a flash drive.


A monitor is a video display unit, held by a hard shell. Most monitors use a flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD) which is the new, most common type for desktop computers. LCD's make the screen lighter and thinner compared to a normal monitor.