The Groups Discriminated

List The groups That Were Killed

Mentally retarded, homosexuals, communists, Jews, Roma (Gypsies), ministers or priests, handicaps, labor union members, Jehovah's witness, slaves, other political parties

Explain The Things They Would Do To Them

They would work them until they were old and weak and died, put them in gas chambers (or showers to the Nazis), or they would kill them on the spot by shooting them in the head as soon as they got to the concentration or death camps.

Explain Why They Would Do So Many Bad Things

Hitler believed that there should be a pure race of tan skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. So he wanted to get rid of the non- pure race by working them until they died, or killing them.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis who wanted a pure race. Blonde Hair and blue eyes. He was the one who decided to capture the Jews.


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By: Erica N. & Chandler G.