Utopia Travel Agency

By Gavin Lane

About Utopia Travel Agency

The Utopia Travel Agency is world renown travel agency that has done many vacations for countless clients. We sent Jackie Chan to Hawaii and Clint Eastwood to the Caribbean. They both loved their vacation and suggested us to their friends. We very rarely have an unsatisfied customer. We have several connections around the world and can get you the best vacation you could ever imagine. Any vacation you want we can get no matter what you want. We have the most trusted travel agency in America.

Mr. Little's Suggested Vacation

Because Mr. Little enjoys hot climates and relaxing on the beach I would suggest a vacation to the Australian Beach. You could go January 5 through the 11. The fifth through the eleventh are the highest tides of the month.The highest tides of the month so you could go snorkeling. Since it will be summer there you can get your hot vacation during the winter. I am suggesting the Kewarra Resort in Australia. You could enjoy the exotic wild life of Australia. Then you could cool of in the ocean just a couple of feet from your resort.
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Ms. Lutkenhaus's Suggested Vacation

Because Ms. Lutkenhaus likes low tides by the beach and wants to study the formations of hurricanes I would suggest going to Destin, Florida on June 3rd through the 9th. Because it is at the Atlantic Ocean during summer it is a perfect place to study hurricanes. June 5th through the 11th have are spring tides so they have the lowest tides of the month so you can collect the seashells by the shore. It is also a new moon for the dark walks on the beach. It also has several tourist attractions and is very popular. There is a white sand beach right by their so you could even go swimming if you wanted to. You could also go snorkeling, parasailing or even fishing.
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Coach Wilson's Suggested Vacation

Spring brake is march 9-15 and luckily those are all waxing says for the moon so you will be able to have your vacation on spring break and have a waxing phase going on. I am going to suggest a vacation to the Caribbean Islands. Several tourists go there so there will be multiple beach activities available including sand castle building, beach volleyball, horse shoes, swimming, snorkeling. It is also forecasted to rain a little bit so you will be able to enjoy the rain. There are also attractions off the shore like shopping at souvenir shops and games.
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Mr. Jones

Because Mr. Jones likes the beach but not the sand and wants to participate in the Polar Plunge I am going to suggest going to Anchorage, Alaska. It is very cold and does have a polar plunge event. And since you want it to have snow I suggest going in February 22-26. Then the moon is starting to go dark just like he likes. At Anchorage there are multiple attractions. The wild life there is unlike anywhere else and has some of the best fishing in America. You could go hiking and enjoy the wildlife. Alaska is also the largest state in America.
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We have been awarded Best Travel Agency by multiple independent organizations. Our founder was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 98% of customers say that they will by from us again and 90% of customers have used us to get there vacation twice. We are the most used travel agency in America and 2nd best in the world.