Christine De Pisan

By:Claudia Davis

Slogan: God is just short for godess

Category: Political

How was she influential?

Christine de Pizan was a French Renaissance writer. She was one of the few women of the time period that were educated, and was able to write. When she was unexpectedly left to support herself and her family on her own, she became the first woman in Europe to successfully make a living through writing. She wrote not only for the money, but to create things for her own purpose as well as to use it for her feminism activist campaign. Christine de Pizan's most important work was "The Book of the City of ladies". It was feminist literature. Christine worked to stop scholars from saying negative things about women. During the renaissance, women were not allowed to be independent and have a say in things, so she gave more confidence to women and influenced them to believe that they can survive in what was said to be "A Man's World".

Timeline of Important events

1364- Christine was born1394- Began to write poems for the first time1399- Was the year she starting writing literature for a career1405- Wrote "The book of the city of ladies"1430- Christine died