Traveling To Finland!

By: Nicole Booton

Things You Need To Know

In Finland, people have a high percentage of chronic diseases, cardiovascular in particular. In America we tend to fry everything, well in Finland they stew everything. Stewing is cooking food in the oven for a long time. North Karelia, Finland has 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

History of Foods

In previous years the harsh climate of the country made fresh fruits and vegetables widely unavailable nine months out of the year. Turnips were used in most cooking, until in the 18th century when potatoes were introduced. Very few spices, other than salt were available, and fresh herbs like dill were limited in the summer months.

Important Foods

Fins tend to cook a lot with fish, meat, various vegetables and mushrooms, whole-meal products (rye,barley, oats), berries (blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn), milk and buttermilk, turnips but were replaced with potatoes after the 18th century. These important foods can be found at a whole foods market and your common grocery store.


Ruisleipä is my favorite recipe. This is made from sour dough and looks like a doughnut! Reikä Leipä, means "bread with a hole."


Leipäjuusto is a food I would love to try. This is known as "Finnish Squeaky Cheese" or "Cheese Bread." Mild cheese is most often made from cows milk but also from reindeer or goat milk. First, the milk is curdled, then fried or baked in a pie tin than cut into wedges. Topped with couldberry jam.