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October 5 - Week 7

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Upcoming Events

October 5 - Topaz Team to Winding Trails

October 5 - PTO Meeting

October 6 - Flu Clinic

October 7 - CSI - Building --TEVAL Focus

October 8 - Admin Meetings see schedule here

October 9 - Student Team Time see schedule here

Tuesday, October 6: Technology Discussion in room 224 from 3 to 4pm

Tuesday October 6: Technology Discussion in room 224 3-4

OPEN TO ALL , (You don't have to be a member of the TECH committee) - open forum to discuss,your concerns, questions , hopes , ideas - anything and everything related to technology .

Please come and join this discussion. ( If you can't attend but have something to share please email Denise.)


This CSI time will be fully dedicated for you to work on your teacher evaluation plan. As we workout our PLOs, SLOs and sweat out those IAGDs let's dress for the occasion and have a bit of comfort and fun.

Student Admin Assemby

We will be meeting with students on Thursday, October 8th. Our focus will be on Rooted in Character. See Schedule in upcoming events.

Character Counts Awards

Character Counts award nominations are due on the same day as Students of the Month. You can find those dates on the KP Professional/Admin calendar. Nominations turned in after those dates will be printed the following month.

Thank you

News from your Spirit Committee:

Let's get in the Fall Spirit!

Oct. 16th Apple Crisp will be served! Yum!

Oct. 30th Staff & students - if you choose to - dress in Halloween Costumes!

This is about staff having fun!!!

A reminder for all, and new information for some - when teachers or anyone else gets a request to observe a class as part of under/graduate studies, the request must be forwarded to the Curriculum and Instruction office. They will forward the form attached to the requester which then must be completed and sent in electronic format to Dr. DePalma and Mary Ann Ayers. In most cases, as long as the principal, DS, and teacher involved agree, the request will likely be approved. Under NO circumstances can anyone work directly with students unless they have been fingerprinted.

NOTE: this does not include teacher candidates (i.e.,student teachers) - these all go through Mimi Villanova.

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Get a GREAT cup of brew and support the special needs program!

Coffee House

When: Monday

Where: Teacher Lounge

Time: 2nd period

How much: .50 cents

Flu Clinic

KP Flu Clinic is:

Tuesday October 6, 2015

3-4:30 pm in Small Cafe

please see Melissa Hawkins or Kathy Condon to sign up, for a consent form and all information that you will need.

King Philip Middle School PTO is excited for our second year partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING!

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Unified Sports

Tuesday, October 13 is our Unified Sports soccer tournament. It will be

held at Cheshire High School. Opening ceremonies for the tournament

begin at 3:00 PM. Games are played from 3:30 until 4:30. West Hartford will play

two 20 minute games. Awards will be presented after the last game.

TechConnect Update

The TechConnect district-wide committee will be meeting quarterly this year. There is an opportunity to participate in a subcommittee to investigate educational technology topics that support the 6 guiding principles. Please see the minutes (here) for further details and contact Jeannie Pascon with questions or concerns to bring to the meetings.


Thank you to the 15 people who have contributed to Cheer Fund. Please consider contributing this year to Cheer as we have many colleagues who need are support. We would also like to acknowledge good news and celebrate with our KP family. Contributions are $30 for full time staff and $20 for part time. Contributions can be placed in Gina Pudlo's mailbox. Thank you.

You're a GEM

  • Michael Burton, Marilyn Clarke and Brandon Steben from colleague Ashley Carlson for all their help in coordinating the materials for our Digital Citizenship/BYOD program.
  • Susanne Torcasio from the Opal team for helping us with Big Rock 3 in creating magnetic business cards for our team to hand out at open house.
  • Stacy Genova from colleague Jennifer Ukanowicz-Parrett for showing us at team meeting how to join a Google community to sign up or the upcoming CIT series.
  • Karen Walsh from colleague Cynthia Asal for helping me out with last minute field trip paperwork on a Friday afternoon.
  • Ashley Carlson from the Ruby Team having a significant role in specializing a schedule of classes for one of our students.
  • Gina Pudlo from her Ruby Team colleagues being such a great model to her team mates in terms of consistently recognizing students for examples of responsibility, respect and good citizenship.
  • Denise deMello from colleague Erin Rauseo for going above & beyond to help me with a technology lesson gone wrong.
  • Nancy Barlow for colleague Erin Rauseo for being a source of calm and taking the time to help my MA with morning announcements this week.
  • Karen Walsh from Susanne Torcasio for staying to help with Open House.
  • Troy Jones from Susanne Torcasio for tailoring the maps for Open House. Awesome job Troy!

Things noticed . . .

  • Teacher enthusiasm about current events rubbing off on students.

  • Students pouring in early in the morning to move physically so they can activate their brain power.

  • Parents excited to meet their kid’s teachers and learn about 7th and 8th grade content.

  • 6th grade students engaging in their first full-fledged middle school research experience.

  • Students learning about advocacy and role of the school counselor.

  • Teachers connecting with students by discussing personal lives.

  • Paras and TAs supporting our students in multiple ways to participate as fully as possible.

  • Students working together to defend the British or the colonists based on historical evidence from the Boston Massacre.

  • Students directing their own learning by designing an authentic task to help learn cartography, then carrying it out in the halls responsibly.

  • Students learning about about right and left brain function and analyzing how it applies to how they operate as a student.

  • Students lighting up with enthusiasm when awarded SOM and Character Counts recognition.

  • Teachers using the “Story of US,” engaging TV documentary, to illustrate some aspects of colonial history and providing students a structure to interact with that text.

  • Students helping each other learn from their mis-steps in math classes.

  • Students being given the opportunity to share how their peers have been good citizens.

Good to Know Information

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