Kayla Watson

My awesome life.

Kayla Watson

Living with two brother isn’t that bad. Lance is mean sometimes but, he is also really nice. Kyle is nice to me all the time. They will stick up for me if i need it.

I am a responsible, smart ,outgoing, and caring young lady.I have one dog his name is Hank.I had a guinea pig but, he died of shock. I buried him in the snow underground.

I love Luke Bryan .He is my FAVORITE singer . When I am sad I listen to his music i feel better.

I need my family Mom,Dad,Grandma Watson,Grandpa Watson, Great Grandma Irene Madden,Uncle Tony ,Uncle Scott(Bubba).Thats what I need in life!

I am a resident of 200 Toucan st. Raymore MO,64083.I live close to the school.I attend to Bridle Ridge Intermediate School.

I fear of seeing snakes or spiders. I’ve been bitten by a Brown Recluse before it hurt really bad. Snakes scare me alot .