Trisomy 18

Dan Klaas

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Trisomy 18 is when there is extra material from chromosome 18.
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Trisomy 18 can slow your growth, physically and mentally. It also causes the baby to be born with a low wight.
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There isn't any specific treatment fro all cases of Trisomy 18. There are treatments, but it depends on your own personal case with Trisomy 18.
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Trisomy 18 is not inherited, it is a random case thing, and occurs with a fluke in cell-division creating egg and sperm cells.
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Current Research

"An exam during pregnancy may show an unusually large uterus and extra amniotic fluid. There may be an unusually small placenta when the baby is born. A physical exam of the infant may show unusual fingerprint patterns. X-rays may show a short breast bone.

Chromosome studies will show trisomy 18. The chromosome abnormality may be present in every cell or present in only a certain percentage of the cells (called mosaicism). Studies may also show part of the chromosome in some cells. Rarely, part of the chromosome 18 becomes attached to another chromosome. This is called translocation."