The long, uninteresting story of Macbeth

Description of Macbeth as a soldier.

Macbeth is a brave warrior. As whence the sun gins his reflection shipwracking storms and direful tunders break. Act. I, i

Macbeth as a friend

or have we eaten on the insane root? Your children shall be kings. I, ii
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Macbeth as a man

I am a man I, iii

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Macbeth as a soldier act II, i

Hold, take my sword. Theres husbandary in heaven.

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Macbeth as a friend Act II, iii

Was it to late, friend, ere you went to bed, that you do lie so late?

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Macbeth as a man. act II, iiii

He is already named, and gone to scone to be invested.

Macbeth as a soldier. act III, i

we hear our bloody cousins are bestowed in england and ireland.

Macbeth as a friend. Act III, ii

Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck.

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Macbeth as a man Act. III, iiii

Ourself will mingle with society and play the humble host.

Macbeth as a soldier Act IV, i

How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags!

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Macbeth as a friend. Act IV, i

Affected be the air whereon they ride.

Macbeth as a king. Act V, iii

The mind i sway by and the heart i bear shall never sag with doubt nor shake with fear.

Macbeth as dead. Act V,