Going beyond Earth's limits


Overpopulation is an issue that circles the globe. To many people are consuming to wastefully. The earth believe it or not has limited resources which are deteriorating faster than every before. Before long all of earth's resources will be depleted and not only will human life be destroyed but the effects of our mistakes will effect the wildlife as well.

Some studies show that the human population will stabilize by 2050 and may even begin to decline. But the clock is ticking. More studies show that the overpopulation will skyrocket and rise exponentially. The space on earth is finite and as we continue to deplete resources and destroy habitats the also displace the wildlife. The majority of environmental problems today revolve around human population. Earth has limits to what it can support. There are only so many plants to produce food and oxygen. Only so much space for people to live. Our under ground resources are quickly being extracted. Examples of which are: minerals, aquifers, oils and natural gases. All of which of we consume quickly and outragously wastefully. Not only are these resources being depleted but they're being used to harm the environment. Litter runs rampant with more and more vehicles getting on the road the green house gas emissions are out of control. On April 20th, 2010 an off shore drilling rig named "Deepwater Horizon" suffered an explosion and sunk to the sea floor. Due to many short comings with the well a massive oil spill off the coast of louisiana occurred releasing 210 million gallons of crude oil. 11 workers where killed on the massive fire along with the tremendous amount of wildlife endangered by the quickly spreading oil. We are not only a danger to our selves, but rather to the entire world.


We need to look to stabilize our population and to raise awareness. We also need to develop more sophisticated and efficient technology to cut pollution and on accidents such as the deepwater horizon, corners should not be cut where they really count. Carelessness will destroy this world.