19th Century Reformers

Everything You Need To Know

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph was the center of American Transcendentalism movement. Which was a literary and philosophical movement. Ralph was very famous for his writing and thinking

Robert Owen

Adopted modern policies like free health care , public education system, the first infant school, and cracked down on child labor by setting the age limit of 10 and under are not allowed to work at the mill. Robert did all this when he ruled New Lanark.

Dorothea Dix

Began her career as a teacher. But later in her life she found a calling while she was teaching sunday class to women inmates. Being in the jail she saw how harsh and inhumane they treated inmates and the mentally ill. She fought to change the conditions of the mentally ill and how they were treated

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Thomas was a Reverend. Thomas was a pioneer in deaf education. Thomas travelled to Europe to learn how deaf people learned. Thomas took all this knowledge back to America where he started a university called Gallaudet University. Thomas became the first deaf President of a university .

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Neal Dow

Neal was a strong supporter and leader for temperance and prohibition. Both in Maine and throughout the country. Neal helped passed the law of prohibition in Maine making him famous

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