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Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month


We encourage you to learn about the many contributions of Native Americans and Indigenous People. Oklahoma is home to 39 Tribal Nations. Each nation has their own diverse history, language, culture, traditions and their present day information. Each nation has a tribal leader and elected officials serving as their official representatives for their tribe and/or nation. You may visit tribal websites to learn more of their histories and view current updates, events and news.

There are several ways that Native American Heritage month is being recognized, through online webinars, films, and virtual meetings, which you may participate in to celebrate our Native American Heritage. Feel free to contact our office or look for announcements on upcoming events.

Don't forget to Rock Your Mocs November 15!!

College and Career Information

Please look for upcoming ACT updates and college readiness events from our high school representative. You may contact Courtney Tsotigh-Yarholar at with specific questions. Seniors are encouraged to make contact early for post-secondary resources you may have an interest in.


After school tutoring has started with small groups. Students with academic needs in core subject areas are considered priority. All student requests will be taken and will be placed according to grades and tutor availability.

You may contact our office for additional information and questions.

Cultural Video Series Highlighting Storytelling, Songs, and Tribal Culture

Indian Education is excited to share a series of short cultural videos for students and families to enjoy. The videos feature stories, songs, and tribe specific cultural knowledge by respected tribal representatives, educators, and leaders. We hope you enjoy each video and learn from the rich oral traditions and histories shared.

Click here for the first Cultural Video Series newsletter.


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Cultural Kits

Parfleche kits were picked up by 111 students. We hope you enjoyed making your own parfleche. The next kits will include two projects, one kit for November and one for December. Parents who have signed up for cultural kits may start picking up kits in November. Projects will include Ojibwe bags, dreamcatchers, and coloring sheets on tribal dwellings. Please look for an email with dates and times.

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Students are encouraged to study contributions and achievements made by Native American and Indigenous people. Authors, artists, politicians, athletes, singers, educators, leaders, veterans, and tribal community people have made major contributions. Please read the poster recognizing individuals. There are countless people from Oklahoma and other states to be studied.

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Edmond Public Schools Indian Education

EPS Indian Education staff promotes Indigenous Day 2020.