DPS Library Services Newsletter

September 8th, 2015 Edition


Library Services Book Expo!

Invitation. Workshop schedule. Check out the newest in books, get assistance with ordering, attend professional development sessions on collection development, public library resources, Pop Culture Classroom and more. Our partners from Ed Tech and Professional Personalized Learning will also be on hand to collaborate with or ask questions.

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Save the Date for Denver Public Library’s Best and Brightest

Wednesday 12/9, 9:00-11:00 am @ the Sam Gary (Stapleton) public library branch.You are once again invited to DPL’s celebration of the best and brightest books published this year. You can also participate in their mock book awards. It is a fun way to review and vote on titles. More info to come.


Please sign up through your library dashboard or call/email the Library helpdesk x31842 or ers_helpdesk@dpsk12.org

Item Level Record Management

Do you have a pile of unattached books? Would you like to know how to get them into the system so you can get them into the hands of the kiddos? Bring them to this class where we will cover how to add a new item to your collection, how to troubleshoot your work, and how to process that book so it can go on the shelves for checkout. Choose one of the following sessions:

9/16 3:30-4:30 pm at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)

9/22 8-9 am at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)

Librarian Dashboard Training

Learn the power of the Librarian Dashboard! This digital tool allows you to view your circulation and database statistics, analyze your book collection, see your ordering history, view and sign up for classes and more.

This class will be held online you will just need a computer with an internet connection and a telephone to participate. Information on how to join the class will be sent as the date approaches. Choose one of the following sessions:

9/8 2-3 pm

9/9 9-10 am

9/9 2-3 pm

9/10 9-10 am

9/10 2-3 pm

9/11 9-10 am

Titlesource from Baker &Taylor

This class is designed to introduce library staff to TitleSource 3, Baker & Taylor’s online collection development and ordering tool. Participants will learn how to search for titles and create carts for ordering through Library Services.

One class offered:

9/8 4-5:30 pm at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)

Titlewave from Follett

Titlewave is Follett’s online collection management tool. Participants will learn how to search for titles and create carts for ordering through Library Services. You can read reviews and search through lists of books, ebooks, audiobooks, award winners, standards and more.

One class offered:

9/10 4-5:30 pm at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)

Collection Assessment

Discusses collection development for school libraries. How do you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your library collection and use that information to create a collection that impacts student achievement.

Choose one of the following sessions:

9/15 8-10:30 am at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)

9/17 4-6:30 pm at 1617 S. Acoma (Library Services)


Reading Aloud and Books with Repetition

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to create a love of reading in children. When your students see how much you enjoy reading and sharing a story, they often share that joy. Reading aloud also exposes students to a wide variety of children’s literature when you choose different types of stories that build their language skills in different ways. Children in kindergarten through second grade particularly benefit from reading stories with repetition (also known as “predictable stories”). So much in their world is unpredictable that it is especially satisfying for them to be able to predict story patterns and participate in repeated phrases. Repetition also helps them with reading fluency.

Books with repetition may repeat the same phrase, rhyme, or familiar story pattern. When you read a book with repeated phrases, have them practice this phrase a few times on cue before you begin so that they can participate in the story as you read.

Need ideas for book titles? There are lots online including University of Wisconsin’s or Jefferson County Library’s list.


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EBSCO has a new search interface!

EBSCO has finally revamped their search interface. There is now the much more attractive and easier to use Explora Primary (k8) and Explora Secondary (9-12th grade) to replace Kidsearch/Searchasaurus/Student Research Center. The new main interface searches by keywords or browses by topics and autocompletes on most popular searches to help with spelling.


Thanks to HR and Professional Learning, you now have access to Lynda.com! This is a high quality provider of online courses in software skills, leadership, creativity, project management and much more. To get started with your account through DPS, follow the instructions here. Please contact Paul Iwancio at paul_iwancio@dpsk12.org if you have questions.
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All Kids Deserve Access to National Parks

Every Kid In A Park is a new program available starting today that’s designed to introduce America's youth and their guests to federal public lands and waters. This national program seeks to connect four million 4th graders with our country's treasured places in the 2015-16 academic year, coinciding with the National Park Service Centennial celebration.

As qualified educators, you can register for and print out these park passes to give to the 4th graders in your community—for FREE! The simple form is available at https://www.everykidinapark.gov/get-your-pass/educator. And, it’s an excellent tie-in to the 2016 summer program theme of health and fitness, and yields so many rich opportunities for kids to explore and discover the wonders of nature and history.

The National Park Service has created activity sheets and lesson plans to go with the passes.