By: Raptor Death lord (Morgan Britten)

Winter Break All Day Everyday

First Winter Break Event: What I Had Got For Christmas

The only thing I like about Winter Break is getting FREE STUFF! :{3 (Yeah, I'm not being really serious about this, but, what the heck.) Anyways, I got pretty good loot this Christmas. I got a kick butt Chuck Norris Calendar and this beyond awesome laptop I've became an addict on. Also, my older brother and I got a PS4 even though he hogs it, but I'm REALLY looking forward to TES Online, It's gonna be worth it! :{D Other than that, I got a desk and supplies to go with it, some clothes that barely fit me (my excuse is that I'll grow into them), colorful socks, an art kit, and a projector that projects constellations. And lastly, I unfortunately got black sweatshirts, but why so unfortunate? Well, black clothing is a great habitat for my dogs hair, and sadly, most of my dark sweatshirts are already collecting my dog's sheddings. But, other than that, my Holiday was going great so far when getting to open my presents. :{3

Second Winter Break Event: EVEN MOARR FREE STUFF

I don't like coming out of my room, especially during the day, but unfortunately, I had to. On Christmas Eve i had to be dragged to my Grandma's house and the only bright side was to get MOAAR FREE STUFF. I also had to be bagged and dragged like a hostile animal to my Grandpa's house on Christmas, where we also had breakfast (I consumed the majority of the hash browns). You know what, this may sound unnecessary, but most of my Grandpa's grandkids (including me) also call him "Big Daddy" and we're not sure why and due to this, he reminds me of the Big Daddies in Bioshick.

And the Last Holiday Event: Going to the Movies

A few days after Christmas, my family decided to once again drag me to the outside world. This time they wanted to see a movie called "Ronin 47", an action movie based on a real life event. It's about around 47 samurais that are trying to save princess belonging to their province. This movie's animation wasn't too bad but the combat was pretty cool, I can't lie. I also find it interesting how the movie was actually based on a real event and how the movie took place in ancient Japan. Another thing that was pretty cool was how the movie also included some mythological monsters corresponding in the legend. But, the movie was all in all pretty friggin' awesome.

47 Ronin - Official Trailer (HD) Keanu Reeves