"Effort Creates Ability"


Happy Summer Break!

Hello everyone! We hope you have had a fun and relaxing summer break. While the break is not over yet, we wanted to reach out with some important upcoming dates and things to be aware of before the beginning of the school year. As some of you may be trying to check schedules in PowerSchool, please recognize that all teacher and team assignments are tentative and will continue to change up through registration as we build schedules for students. We have provided an updated outline of our teams of teachers below for your reference. Office staff will be returning to the school toward the beginning of August, so if you have any questions, please get in contact with us and we'd be happy to help!

Important Upcoming Dates As We Start the School Year

August 10:

  • All those interested in participating in Cross Country will be meeting at the Bonneville High School Sports Complex (baseball fields behind Thunder Stadium) at 9:00 am for a parent and orientation meeting. Please come prepared with proof of a physical and Coach Piper will cover all other details in the meeting. If you have questions prior to that, you can contact him by e-mail at piperr@d93.k12.id.us.

August 13 - 15:

  • Volleyball tryouts will be from 3:00 - 5:00 pm at Bonneville High School. Depending on how long it takes to make decisions for the teams, it may not take all three days. This next year there will be a 7th-grade team and an 8th-grade team on which to try out.

August 15 - 16:

August 22:

  • Back to School Night! Please plan to attend from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to find classes, talk with teachers, and for your child to orient themselves to the school before the first day.

August 27:

At Rocky Mountain Middle School, we use a teaming system to help students maintain their same four core content teachers and help build relationships with each other and their teachers in a smaller environment. With over 1,000 students in our school, students will be assigned a team of around 150 students to help manage this. There is no distinction between teams outside of grade level with teams assigned randomly.

Just a reminder that if you are interested in having your student be on Team Jaguar, our collaborative, project/problem-based learning model team, the following is the registration link: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdccthmAkE4fXtVhk…/viewform. There is still room on this team. If you have any questions about this team, please email Mr. Kennedy, principal at kennedyt@d93mail.com or the teachers on team Jaguar at team-jaguar@d93mail.com. There is also more information on their website at https://sites.google.com/d93mail.com/teamjaguar/home?authuser=0.

7th Grade Teams


  • Mrs. Horman (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Izatt (Math)
  • Mrs. Trimble (Science)
  • Ms. Beckstead (Social Studies)

Mountain Lion:

  • Mr. Skoien (Math)
  • Mrs. Jessen (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Takacs (Science)
  • Mr. Williams (Social Studies)


  • Mr. Haws (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. A. McLing (Science)
  • Mrs. Lyons (Math)
  • Mrs. Egbert (Language Arts)


  • Mrs. J. McLing (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Bates (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Pipinich (Math)
  • Mrs. Gleave (Science)

8th Grade Teams

Snow Leopard:
  • Mrs. Hill (Science)
  • Mr. Jones (Social Studies)
  • Mr. Voda (Language Arts)
  • Mr. Hubbard (Math)


  • Mrs. Nuckols (Language Arts)
  • Mr. Hansen (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Navarro (Science)
  • Mrs. Joyner (Math)


  • Mrs. Brown (Math)
  • Mrs. Pedersen-Murri (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Thompson (Science)
  • Mrs. Toone (Language Arts)


  • Mrs. J. McLing (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Bates (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Pipinich (Math)
  • Mrs. Gleave (Science)