Create a solution to block Asian

Carp. What would be the cost of that solution?

First off, what are Asian Carp?

Hypopthalmichthys, also known as Asian Carp, are fish that aren't wanted in Canada because their diet isn't healthy for our ecosystem, because they eat our plankton, plants, shoreline vegetation, snails and endangered marine animals.

Where are Asian Carp coming in?

The Asian Carp are escaping their habitat (The Mississippi waters) and are migrating to the Missouri and the Illinois waters. This is just 60 miles from Lake Michigan.

I have decided to base this project on JUST the Illinois river. Here is the needed info:

You are probably asking, why don't you just multiply the measurements of the river?

So that's what I did.

Steel that is 9 meters thick, 29.35 feet wide and 1 meter long weighs 632026.422 kilograms. (632.026422 tonnes).

So, how much does steel cost per kilogram?

Steel is $170.00 per kilogram. The next step is to find out how many kilograms are in a cubic meter. (7850 kilograms per cubic meter).

What would be the cost of this bar?

632026.422 kg x $170.00 is: $107444.49174. This is if you want it to be one meter high.
Big image

Depending on how high you want it to be, you multiply the number of meters by the cost above.

Thank you for reading my newsletter on what we can do to block the Asian Carp from coming in through the Illinois river!