Jetpack Backpack

Dylan Roskopf and Caleb Wagner

Description of the Product

The Jetpack Backpack is the new technology of backpacks that have jets built into the bottom of them. This Backpack will appear as a simply normal backpack when the rockets are not in use, but the rockets provide a great mode of transportation when used. This backpack will also have a belt across the front that keeps you locked to the backpack in flight. Last our product will have super strength zippers so that they will not break during flight, and send your materials flying.

Target Market

Our primary target market will be kids from ages 13-22 who are in middle school to college. Our primary target market lives in the U.S.A because that is where our product is made and will be easy to get. Last, our primary target will have a moderate to high income because our product will be relatively expensive.
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Channels of Distribution

We believe that using a truck to distribute our backpacks to stores are a good idea because our product is made in the USA so we won't have to ship them very far, and trucking is cheap. After our product is made we will have companies like UPS and other trucking businesses that work for stores like Target, ship our product to the location where it will be sold. These locations will include stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco.

Distribution intensity

We will use selective intensity when distributing our product into stores. We plan to do this because although we want to sell enough of our products, we want to have it portrayed as a quality product that will be more on the expensive side for a backpack. To do this we will still distribute our product to popular stores such as Walmart but we will send them fewer backpacks than other backpack companies would because we want people to see that our product is limited and if they want it they should buy it as soon as possible

Methods of Physical Distribution

When we first start distributing our product we will do it via truck because we will only distribute to stores that are near us. But as our product grows in popularity we will consider using airway distribution to distribute our product all around the country and to increase the speed of distribution. We will use truck at first because it is very affordable, but as we sell more and make money we will be able to afford using airway distribution.