Galveston Hurricane of 1900

By: Gabi Badillo, Amanda Colon, and Anna Wilcox

Before the Hurricane

  • With a population of 37,789 it was the fourth largest city in Texas and was the third richest city in the United States in proportion to its population.

  • Filled with vacationers

  • Galveston Bay: largest in Texas

  • Texas leading port city

  • Piers allowed ships to dock easily

  • traded cotton, cargo, farm supplies

  • Major city for banking and shipping

  • Best natural port between New Orleans and Veracruz

  • Galveston reported shipment of about 82,000 bales of cotton in per year

  • Built states first opera house, hospital, post office, golf course, and country club

  • immigration

  • The morning of the storm the US Weather Bureau issued warnings telling people to move to higher grounds, but people ignored the warnings.

Ursuline Academy before the hurricane

During the Hurricane

  • September 8, 1900

  • Happened around 10:00 a.m

  • A Category 4 Hurricane

  • The tide kept coming inland

  • The eye of the hurricane kept getting bigger

  • winds averaged 85 miles per hour and had reached a high of 125 mph

  • Everyone was trying to get to higher grounds but the water kept rising and rising

  • Almost the whole city was destroyed

  • The whole city was underwater

  • Flooded the city by mid-afternoon- covered the streets with debris and water

  • More than half the people who had taken shelter had died too

The path of the hurricane

After The Hurricane

  • 6,000- 8,000 people died

  • 3,636 houses totally destroyed

  • The value of the houses $5,500,000

  • ⅔ of the city was destroyed

  • The city was underneath 15 ft of water

  • $30 million in damage ($700 million today)

  • Deadliest natural Disaster in u.s history

  • about 70 victims a day were found during the first month

  • Feburary 10. 1901- the last body was found

  • Lots of people donating money for reconstruction

  • $1.25 million in all donations

  • Built a concrete seawall- 3 miles long

  • Raised the city level with sand-started December 1903 and was done in quarter-mile-square sections, each about 16 city blocks in size.

Galveston hurricane Of 1900