Chad, Africa

Keeley O'Leary


Chad exports gum arabic, cotton, oil, and cattle. Chad imports textiles, industrial goods, transportation equipment and machinery. The industries include cotton, oil, meat packing, brewing, textiles, soap, natron, and construction mterials. The agriculture in Chad includes camels, sheep, goats, cattle, rice, peanuts, millet, rice, and potatoes.


There are 3 major religions in Chad. They are Islam, Christianity, and African Religions. 35% of the population takes after African Religions, 10% believe in Christianity, and 55% is Islam.
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Chad had no representative national institutions until 1998. The preindependence constitution was adopted by the territorial assembly in March 1959 and was modified at independence in 1960. This document has established a parliamentary system of government with an executive prime minister... Chad is divided by 22 regions which are mainly all republic.


Weavers make baskets, items from straw, and mat fans. To decorate them, the artist will use dye that is made of flowers and local roots of plants. The most common color they will use is usually green and violet. Potters make clay pots in which can keep water cool on hot days. They usually shape their clay without a wheel but rather with their hands. Then once they are done firing the clay and putting on glaze and everything else, they will sell it to the market for profit for women without husbands who do the pottery or art to provide things for their family like food and shelter.
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