All About Shawntaja Johnson

All About Me

10 Thing's About Me

1) My Birthday Is November 23rd

2)My Favorite Color's Are Pink & Purple

3)I'm From Minnesota

4) I Like Listening To Music

5) I Love Oreo's

6) I Like To Talk (Only To People I Know)

7) I Love Vanilla Ice Cream

8) I'm Quiet Until You Get To Know Me

9) I'm Very Blunt

10) And I Have 4 Brother's & 2 Sister's

Embarrassing Moment

One Embarrassing Moment I Have Is When I Was A Kid Like 7 I Was Riding My Bike & Doing Wheelies With Some Of My Friends & Family Members . We All Were Doing Them Having Fun Then When I Had Did Another One I Had Fell Back & Scraped My Elbow's & I Started Crying I Was Hurt & Embarrassed . But Then I Went In The House With My Mommy & She Cleaned Me Up !!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are You From Chicago ?

2) How Old Are You ?

3) How Do You Say Your Name Again ?