CHS Multimedia Newsletter

January 2019

CHS Library Modernization Survey Findings

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I personally thank the over 200 students who completed the CHS Modernization Library Survey. The library staff, along with the CHS administration has begun the process on the best ways to spend the winning $40,000 Future Library Grant funds.

The largest percentage of students wanted the following:

* A remodeled library with new paint and carpeting

* 3 D Printer purchase (This maybe complimentary as grant winning recipients)

* Another printer with scanning and larger copying capabilities

* Power table outlet station for cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

* Headphones (with Microphones)

* Video Cameras

* Couches & Bean Bags

* Green Screen

If you haven't done so, feel free to complete the survey at

A representative from Virco Library and CJUSD District IT will visit the library soon with the best ways for remodeling CHS into a 21st Century Learning Commons. More details will be forthcoming.

First 2019 Book Recommendations

Adult Coloring Activity

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If you are interested in a simple creative outlet, consider participating in this upcoming activity. Ms. Polly Martinez will lead a coloring workshop during both lunches and after school beginning Friday February 1, 2019. Coloring pages, colored pencils, and markers will be available for use.

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