The best Continent to visit!


In Asia many many floods happen. Which are very dangerous to be around when it is happening. It does very bad damage to your home if there is a large flood. In Asia there are many land forms other than flooding there are mountains, rivers and desserts too! In the south Asia is made up of dessert... and north Asia is made up of forests and jungle.


In Asia there are many wild animals such as bengal tigers, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, orangutan, komodo dragons, leopards, pallas cat, tibetan yak, and cranes. There are also different kinds of animals that are friendly and are helpful. Like camels, pandas, and lizards. Camels help people by: carrying things, transportation, for camel milk, for their wool and hides, and meat. And these animals help the people survive. The food they eat is from animals.

Cool Facts

  • Asia is the largest continent
  • There is over 4 billion people in Asia
  • 9 out of 10 of the largest building in the world are in Asia
  • Lots of oriental food that's really yummy!!!
  • The area is 17,028,000 sq. miles
  • The estimated population in 2006 is 3,970,729,000
  • The number of independent countries is 50
  • farming is the most important part of Asia's economy


In conclusion, Asia is the best COUNTRY to visit!