Platinum (Pt)

Charles Hayes; 4


Physical properties: Silver-grey, shiny material

Malleable (can be made into thin sheets)

Ductile (can be made into small wires)

Chemical properties:

Does not corrode

Doesn't react with most acids

Absorbs large quantities of hydrogen gas at high temperatures

Where is it found?

Usually found as by products from mining other metals, such as copper and nickel


Used to make catalysts for oil mining and jewelry

Used to make artificial pacemakers to prevent corrosion


Used with other metals to make artificial pacemakers


Not very reactive


Six isotopes, only one is radioactive (platinum-190)

Safety information

Platinum dust can have mild health effects. If platinum comes into contact with skin, it can cause rashes and other minor skin problems

Platinum Ad

Giant Platinum Robot

There is a giant, platinum robot that protects the city of Bucketheadland. He has been protecting the city for many years now. The civilians have created a shrine to the robot to show their respect for him. One day, a giant turtle that can expel acid threatened the city.

The attacker and the giant robot met each other in the town square and met each other before their brawl. The turtle shot acid towards the giant robot, but his platinum surface prevents himself from being corroded. The robot then turned and reflected the sunlight into the turtle's eyes due to his shiny surface. The battle goes on for hours.

After the hours of fighting, the sun has warmed up the robot's surface to the point where the platinum absorbs the hydrogen from surrounding areas. The robot proceeds to focus the hydrogen gas and concentrates it into a beam of energy which launches at the turtle. The turtle attempts to turn around and block it with his shell, but being a turtle, he is too slow and gets impacted by the beam of energy. Once again, the giant platinum robot protects the city of Bucketheadland from an invader.