Head Injury

By Keegan Andrews

Two types of injuries

External-usually a scalp injury

Internal-Involves the blood vessels and skull within the brain

interviewed: Mrs. Beaulieu

Mrs. Beaulieu had been qualified to be in the olympics for Judo. She studied Martial Arts all her life. In the pictures below you will see she studied with the original masters. They didnt use sports gear for protection then now it is mandatory. However while in training She had a bike accident. She had internal Injuries. This injury could have been lessoned or prevented if she wore a helmet.


what to look for

Seeing stars

wont stop crying

becomes difficult to talk to

cant wake them

Otherwise use ice pack every 3-4 hours

watch 24 hours to see if any symptoms happen

wear a helmet!

If you hit your head be safe. Rest and Stop doing all activities!