Greek Styles Art


panel paintings

  • Wooden paintings on wooden boards.
  • Most respected form of art according to authors Pity and Pausanias.
  • Encaustic (wax) and Tempra were used to make panel paintings.
  • often collected and displayed in public places.
  • none of the famous panel paintings from this time has survived

wall paintings

  • Tradition of wall paintings go back at least to the minoan and myceanean bronze age.
  • wall paintings are frequently described in pausainias.
  • Appear to have be produced in classical and hellenistic periods.
  • not many wall paintings from this time have survived.
  • Most popular wall paintings from this time were, the monumental Archaic 7th century B.C. scene of hoplite combat from inside a temple at kalapodi (near thebes)and the elabrote fresco from the 4th century "grave of fillipp"