Onida Nation

The people of the standing stone

Past History

The Oneida nation lived in Wisconsin and New York. The one Oneida fought with the Iroquors tribe Oneida warrior.


Present History

Ther is two tribes: one is in New York and the other is in Wisconsin thay faced meny problems like wolf's, Baer, deer, and elk.

WWW.big Orrin.org/onieda-kids.htm


Thay hunt fish, corn, bean's, scwash, herd's, deer, soup, bread, elk.


A breech cloth, legging's, apron, Abenaki costume, Salish, loin cloth, legging boot's, and siouk.


Long house, apartment's, grass house, wattle and daud house's, chickes, Adobe house, earthen house, plank house's, brush shelter, wigmen home's.

www.native long house.org/house's.htmnumber long house


Onieda club, arrow's bow, sper's, war club, tomahawk, nive, sword, coup stick, bola's, blow gun, dart, sheld, armer.

WWW.big Orrin.org/onida-kids.htm


Corn husk doll's, lacrosse, and moving hope.

Interesting fact's

Music: drum's, flute, they speak: English today. They hunt they wear makasin's, thay told onida legane's, they had flage's at onida baned's.