Color Blindness

By: Abby Ritter


Color blindness changes your life. It makes it hard to write, read, and learn. You may be able to see colors but not tell the difference between them, or you may only be able to see black, white, and gray. You also may be able to see colors but just shades of them. Sometimes you might be so color blind you don't even know you are. It affects your life because you can't see colors in the usual way. Like for example you can't see colors on a traffic light.


There isn't really a certain mutation that colorblind affects. It affects your X chromosome. It can effect anyone and you are born with it.

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It is 99.9% impossible to cure colorblind right now. If you are color blind there are certain glasses or contacts you can get that filter light to help you see better. Another way to help is to look of cues, example: learn the orders of colors on a tragic light to help you remember.

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Other facts

Color blindness it's self explains it's name. If you can't see your blind but you just can't see colors with this blindness.