Coastal Plains

Region of Texas

my best vacation

When my family and i went to corpus christi it was in the coastal plains we stayed at a moltel and because we drove nine houres we went to sleep that day we got there because we were tired and the next day. We went to go see the big boat that was broke and they can not move it it was kind of a musem. My family and i went to go see the big boat that was broke and in side there was lots of airplains. And we saw jeeps old tip of truckes form the army and we took a lot of pictures of them and then we saw the blue angles. And we went home because it was a long day so we went back to the moltel and we went to sleep and the next morning we went to the ocean and we let the waves hit us it was so fun because it was all family and no one told us what to do. And after that we went to the store and bote clothes that said corpus christi so we can remember that we went to corpus christi. and we started to pack up so we can go back home but that was the best vacashion.