Jag News

Student led News Source - January 12, 2017

Final Exam Schedule


  • Exams at 1st & 2nd Period

  • Regular Bell Schedule


  • Exams at 3rd & 4th Period

  • Early release @ 12:10 for students.

    • 8:10 - 10:05 - 3rd Period

    • 10:05 - 10:15 - Passing Period

    • 10:15 - 12:10 - 4th Period

Jaguar Sports Calendar

January 12

  • 2pm - Lady Jags Varsity Soccer vs. Martin @ Colleyville Heritage HS

  • 6pm - Lady Jags JV2 Soccer vs. Lake Highlands @ Lake Highlands HS

January 13

  • 1:30pm - Lady Jags JV2 Soccer vs. Sachse @ Pearce B Field

  • 4pm - Lady Jags Varsity Soccer vs. Plano HS @ Colleyville Heritage HS

  • 4:30-8:30 - Lady Jags Basketball vs. Southlake Carroll @ Southlake Carroll

  • 4:30-8:30 - Jaguar Basketball vs. Southlake Carroll @ Southlake Carroll

January 14

  • 9am - Lady Jags Varsity Soccer v. Allen @ Colleyville Heritage HS

  • 2pm - Lady Jags JV2 Soccer vs. Little Elm @ Pearce B Field

4 staff members that resemble famous actors and actresses

  1. Principal Skelton resembles the actor, Tom Cruise
Theses males play a high role in their jobs. For example, Tom Criuse is the main character in almost every movie, and Mr. Skelton is the principal at Flower Mound High School Freshman Campus. They are both very laid back and has reasonable opinions.

2. Mr. Gifford resembles Robert De Niro
However, Robert De Nitro may almost be double Mr. Giffords age, they still have many similarities. For example, Mr. Gifford is very calm in his tone and works really had at what he does. He is by far the best counselor at school! I give him props for his hard work. As far as Robert De Nitro, he is also very serene and lightly toned when he acts in the movies.

3. Mr. Fails resembles Jack Black
Although, Mr. Fails isn't as crazy as Jack Black, they are both very extrovert in their personalities which makes them very amusing in their actions.

4. Ms. Krueger resembles Jennifer Lawrence.
Both these fewmales are very outgoing in expressing themselves. Everybody loves Jennifer Lawrences personality just as much as Ms. Krueger's.

Written by: Ally & Ty