Wayne County 4-H

News and Notes February 22, 2018

Is Your Club Accepting New Members? Sign Up for A Table at the 4-H Open House!

If you would like to have a table during the Open House to promote your club and recruit potential new members - simply e-mail 4-H Educator Doug Foxx or call the Extension Office and let us know by noon on Monday February 26th.

Tables and chairs are provided free of charge by Fisher Auditorium staff. Just let us know if your club would like a table.

It is helpful if you bring photos, a scrapbook, club calendar of events or any other materials you think would help potential new members and parents get a feel for what kinds of activities your club offers!

Join us at the 4-H Open House Monday February 26th!

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Celebrate 4-H Founder A.B. Graham's 150th Birthday at the 4-H Open House!

Join us at the Wayne County 4-H Open House on Monday February 26th for a piece of cake to celebrate the 150th birthday of our 4-H founding father A.B. Graham!