School Social Work Update

Joanna Flynn, LCSW

My Weekly Schedule

I serve 5 schools and follow this schedule most of the time:

Monday Chatham Central

Tuesday Office hours @ JM /Bennett

Wednesday Jordan Matthews/ Bonlee

Thursday Office hours @ JM/ JS Waters

Friday Jordan Matthews

What Do I Do as a School Social Worker?

I am a Part of your Student Services Team!

As a school social worker, I partner with school staff, students, families and community agencies to support students in doing their best in school every day. I meet individually with students, make home visits, refer students and families to resources, attend parent teacher conferences, attend Truancy Court and other community meetings/events, and whatever else (well, not everything) it takes to help students to be successful. There are many barriers to student success. These include (but are not limited to): child abuse/neglect, poor attendance, exceptionality, homelessness, economic need, substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional concerns, health issues, legal involvement, family "drama," and the unrealistic idea of dropping out of school. I believe in the beauty and resiliency that every student brings! I am excited to be your partner to help support students!