The Finland Project

By Aaliyah Nguyen


My country was Finland. Finland joined the European Union(EU) on January 1st 1995.

History of Finland

Finland was most part of The Kingdom of Sweden from the 13th century to 1809. Finland is located in Northern Europe. Sweden,Norway, and Russia are neighbors of Finland. The Baltic Sea,Gulf of Bothnia,and The Gulf of Finland borders Finland.
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Finland Flag

The Finland flag, also called Siniristilppu ("Blue Cross Flag"), represents the thousands of lakes across the country and the white for the snow in the winter and also Christianity.


Finland's government type is Republic, meaning the power of government is held by the people and the representatives are responsible for helping all of the people and not just a few.
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Currency Type

Finlands currency is currently Euros but we're once Markkas (as shown in the photo)

Major Cities and Interesting Facts

The capital of Finland is Helsinki consisting over 600,000 citizens. 3 other major cities including Espoo with 268,934 citizens, Tampere with about 220,000 citizens and Vantaa with 212,473 citizens.

3 interesting facts about Finland is that slot machines there give ALL of its earnings to charity, 9 of 10 plastic bottles get recycled and almost 100% of glass bottles get recycled, and in 2010, Finland was the 1st country in the world to make internet access a legal right.