going to see my cousins


July 15 is a good day for me

July 15th is when i go to see my cousins in Texas. Me and my Mom are going to drive to Austin, Texas so that i can see my cousins and my grandma and grandpa. When we are their it will take a long time and it will be a boring ride to get down their. But it is worth driving all the way so i can see them for a whole month. When I gets back I am going to probably have a really big sunburn on my shoulders and even on my legs. I will have fun and It will be a good time. The bad thing is that we have to leave at 6:00 A.M.

Goin to see my cosins

Tuesday, July 15th, 6am

Austin, TX, United States

Austin, TX

Korben dunk fail

The whole way to Austin, Texas i will watch Korben's dunk fail the whole way their non-stop.
Korben's dunk fail.