Westlake Witches Brewing Potluck

Enjoy Some Treats From Your Favorite Haunts

The Witching Hour Is At Hand

Halloween can be a frightful time, especially on an empty stomach. Beware of the growling trolls that live within your bellies. Hold them at bay with a quick treat...or something more.

This Thursday, bring in one item of yours that you cherish and would like to share with your other witches and warlocks.

Friday the 13th's "Jason" will be setting up the teacher lounge into a ghastly and gruesome display for you to get into the mood.

Look forward to seeing you all these...muhahahahaha...*cough* *hack* *eck*

Witches Brewing Potluck

Thursday, Oct. 31st, 10:30-11:30am

Pebblewood Dr

Sacramento, CA

This will take place in the Teacher's Lounge. Enter if you DAAAARE!!

7:00am - Bring Food in to heat or refrigerate.

10:45am - Devour food.

10:53am - Chat endlessly about that Miley Cyrus and her bad choices.